Multivariate Analysis: Techniques and Software



As the name indicates, multivariate analysis is the set of data analysis techniques which involves observation and analysis of more than one variable at a time.

With recent advancements in the methodologies and availability of easy to use software, multivariate data analysis offers dependable solutions and exciting opportunities. 

Norma School offers this unique training programme to learn multivariate data analysis from the basics to applications. This innovative, intensive programme offers the most informal and the simplest possible mode of learning environment to study multivariate analysis.

The programme starts with clear exposition to the basic concepts and proceeds to the details of each multivariate tool, context of the use of each technique, the most appropriate software for each multivariate technique and case studies for each technique. The programme focuses on fifteen widely used multivariate techniques. This training programme will open up unlimited possibilities before you!



The programme has the objective to build up professional expertise in multivariate data analysis with the participants. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Understand the basic concepts in multivariate analysis
• Choose the most appropriate multivariate technique for a given data set
• Choose the most suitable software for the selected multivariate analysis
• Perform the analysis using the software
• Interpret the numerical and graphical results
• Summarize and communicate the obtained results 


Who can Benefit?

Scientists, Business Analysts, Statisticians, Faculty, Research Scholars, PG Students - all those who want to possess professional ability in multivariate data analysis will find the programme highly useful. Anyone handling large data sets with many variables can have clear advantage!



The training programme is designed in such a way that even those without any expertise in statistics or computers can make use of the programme. Those who have basic knowledge in statistics and familiarity to computers will naturally find the programme very easy to follow. 



A multitude of multidimensional techniques exist and have been developed by and for several different fields of application This training programme covers fifteen most popular multivariate data analysis techniques. Course contents include:  

• Basic Concepts in Data Analysis
• Introduction to Multivariate Data Analysis
• Statistical Software for Multivariate Analysis
• Data Requirements and Preparations
• Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
• Common Factor Analysis
• Multiple Correlation Analysis
• Multiple Regression
• Logistic Regression
• Discriminant Analysis
• Canonical Correlation Analysis
• Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA)
• Multivariate Analysis of Covariance (MANCOVA)
• Conjoint Analysis
• Cluster Analysis
• Multidimensional Scaling (Perceptual Mapping)
• Correspondence Analysis
• Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
• Confirmatory Factor Analysis
• Useful Web Resources
• Precautions in Multivariate Analysis
• Ethical Issues
• Road Ahead

Each technique will be explained thoroughly with its possible applications, suitable software and will be worked out with real data sets. For each technique, participants will get hands-on exercises to complete the learning experience and to derive professional expertise.



The course is designed to be of five days duration. Timing is from 9am to 5pm with lunch break at 12.30pm and tea breaks at 10.30am and at 3pm.



It's a 100% hands on training programme with one computer for each participant. Lecturing will be supported with presentation slides of course materials, free text books, CD-ROM containing a bunch of free statistical software and web resources. All the sessions will be covered with exercises on sample data sets. Successful completion of the programme entitles you for a certification from Norma School.



Admission is open to all computer literates with a strong desire to learn and master multivariate techniques. 



Only 12 seats; allotted on 'first come first serve' basis.



Course fee is INR 75,000 or USD 1500.

Course Fee includes training fee, course materials, text books, ebooks, DVD containing free and demo software, stationery and lunch & tea during training days. Accommodation, breakfast and dinner are not included in the fee.



  It will save time, effort and money for those who battle with data!  
  Course designed by professionals to meet industry requirements  
  Introduction to the most sophisticated and latest technologies and software.  
  Hands on training in statistical software and web resources with independent computer in network environment with continuous broadband internet connectivity.  
  Course materials include text books, ebooks and free software.  
  The most innovative, intensive and informal environment to become a professional.  
  Certification on the successful completion of the programme.  
  Qualification for numerous upcoming job opportunities.  
  Follow up programmes on the latest developments in the field.  


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